Over the years, ASG has become very familiar with the many complexities of the public seating sector. Some installations may only require seating for a few dozen people, on a railway station platform, for instance. Some may call for tens of thousands of seats, for a new airport located half way around the world say, or for a temporary stadium at a major sporting event, such as the Olympics.

Another obstacle of which ASG has successful experience of overcoming is the typically short lead times associated with seating projects. Not surprising when you consider the logistics involved in shipping 15,000 seats to places as far away as Brazil, China and the US, for example. Things are further complicated by the many steps which are actually involved in the process of manufacturing seating systems, with multiple suppliers adding their own expertise at each stage.

The fact that ASG continues to attract major clients involved in public seating is down to the knowledge, experience and expertise they have gained in this particularly demanding sector. It’s also down to their ability to be cost effective on the small runs, but equally capable of delivering when it comes orders of a considerable size. This is because they have a very flexible production batch size capability, while being big enough to scale up their manufacturing process when a supply schedule dictates. When large numbers of seats are involved in a job, they also have the advantage of being able to source materials from a many trusted suppliers, which means there’s no disruption to the constant supply of materials.

When it comes to manufacturing, ASG is primarily involved in the production of metal seat frames and plastic seats. However, they are also able to supply some of the smaller metal and plastic components of a seat assembly. Some of their finished seats can be found at many high-profile sports stadiums around the world, such as Silverstone, The Queen’s Club, Wimbledon and Fulham FC. Seating from ASG was also used at the 2012 London Olympics. And they are proud to know that right now, across the globe, there are hundreds of thousands of people watching their favourite sporting event, or waiting for a plane or train, sitting on something they played a big part in creating.

In addition to public and event seating, ASG also has experience of producing chairs for use in offices and schools. These have mostly been created using tubular steel which, due to ASG’s investment in the latest technology, can be formed into complex shapes.

Customer-specific projects - Metal and Injection Moulded Plastic
Customer-specific projects - Vacuum Formed Plastic