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Years of experience working to the high specifications and requirements of the aerospace industry have enabled Ansini to develop a range of skills which can be applied to the manufacture of plastic vacuum-formed parts in other sectors where quality is a consideration. One of which is the marine construction industry.

The scope of Ansini’s capability in this area ranges from exterior thermoplastic-moulded parts for the exterior of racing yachts, to vacuum-formed parts for cabin interiors. Materials used are often of aerospace quality and include advanced plastics and polymers, chosen for their resilience and ability to stand up to extreme conditions. Ansini are also able to offer marine construction companies a range of other specialist services, such as leather trimming.

The current scope of Ansini’s work in the marine sector includes:

  • Seat mouldings
  • Leather and fabric re-trimming
  • Cabin mouldings
  • Storage compartment assemblies
  • Table assemblies
Customer-specific projects - Metal and Injection-Moulded Plastic
Customer-specific projects - Vacuum-formed Plastic