Ansini has long been involved in both the manufacture and assembly of thermoplastic-moulded products specifically for use within the aircraft industry, primarily for companies involved in aircraft refurbishment and repair. While the majority of this work has seen them produce interior mouldings for aircraft cabins, they also offer a comprehensive range of associated services in this field, including leather trimming for premium-level airline seat components.

Using only aerospace approved materials, including specialist plastics and polymers, Ansini manufacture a range of products which conform to the highest quality and safety standards, such as high flammability resistance.

The current scope of produced items includes:

  • Aircraft seat mouldings
  • Leather and fabric re-trimming
  • Internal cabin mouldings
  • Headrest assemblies
  • Footrest assemblies
  • Armrest assemblies
  • Table assemblies
Customer-specific projects - Metal and Injection-Moulded Plastic
Customer-specific projects - Vacuum-formed Plastic