Product Assembly

From plastic vacuum and injection moulding to laser cutting, tube bending and powder coating, ASG Group utilise a wide range of manufacturing processes. However, as our focus is very much on providing start-to-finish solutions, most of the projects we undertake see us supply a finished product to our clients. Which is why product assembly, along with packing, is such a key part of what we do.

Assembly as ASG comprises two dedicated areas, one for the assembly of large items and a smaller area where the fitting kits which go out with products are assembled. In the area for large items, you’ll find dedicated assembly stations, which are organised for each product type or, for more demanding applications, for each particular product. In this busy area there are both manual assembly stages and automated systems, for the application of adhesives, for example.

Due to the nature of the products we manufacture, as well as the variances in batch size we encounter, we prefer to use hand-build methods as much as we can. This is because it allows our assembly technicians to closely assess the quality of the parts being assembled and ensures they are totally satisfied with the finished products before signing them off. It also gives each member of the assembly team a greater sense of ownership and job satisfaction, which we’ve found to be an important factor in maintaining the high quality standards for which we’re known.

The second, smaller of our assembly facilities is where you’ll find storage bins containing hundreds of fasteners, washers, hooks and thumbscrews, used for the assembly of fitting kits. Each of these kits is heat-sealed onto a vacuum pack card, with parts laid out according to size and type, so they are easily visible to the end user and remain secure until they are needed. To ensure the constant supply of these small parts we employ a Kanban inventory control system, which is part of our commitment to lean and just-in-time manufacturing.