Press Forming and Punching

We offer mechanical and CNC press forming for all types of components, allowing clients to optimise both tooling and production costs. We have a range of press forming machines up to 120 tonnes.

Our punching capability has been greatly enhanced by our investment in a combination punch and laser machine, the LC-C1 from international market leading manufacturer, Amada. Packed with the very latest technology, its electric servo direct drive punch mechanism ensures a high degree of accuracy, quality and productivity, with punch axes which can be fully integrated with its laser axes.

The LC-C1 provides a ‘best of both’ solution – the speed of punching standard sized holes and the versatility of a laser to profile complex shapes. It has a combined maximum feed speed of 100m per minute and a maximum worksheet size of 4000mm x 1270mm. It is fed by an Amada sheet load/unload unit capable of handling up to 3t of material. As this unit is fully automated, we are able to run the LC-C1 on a 24-hour basis, without the need for operatives.

Customer-specific projects