CNC Tube Bending

To greatly enhance our tube forming and manipulation capabilities, we have invested in the E-Turn 40 from BLM, a recognised world leader in tube processing technology. This is a fully-electric, variable radius, right-and-left forming machine which can handle diameters up to 40mm.

The E-Turn has reduced the time needed for programming and change-over, while increasing productivity and providing enhanced controllability and repeatability. It has 3D graphic visual programming and can manage both fixed and variable radii.

When used in combination with our larger forming machines (which are capable of handling diameters up to 63.5mm), this highly advanced piece of kit allows us to offer the widest range of tube manipulation and forming options, with extensive tooling available in-house for various material profiles and sections.

The E-Turn 40 has proved particularly useful in the production of load separators, including the world-leading Travall Guard. This is because it allows ASG to create large-format curvatures, so that the top of the load separator can accurately mirror the curve of a specific vehicle’s headlining; producing a much neater look and integrating far better with the interior styling. This investment in the latest tube bending technology sees ASG to produce load separators which few, if any, competitors can match.

The World’s Most Advanced Motion Simulator

The key feature of this simulator from UK company, Motion Simulation, is the unique 200 degree, wrap around, composite screen, behind which is an intricate space frame skeleton, made from tube steel by ASG and consisting of multiple varied radius bends. Each of these carefully formed tubes are then welded into a kit of larger frames, which are then bolted together when the pod reaches its final destination. It is critical that perfect accuracy and alignment is achieved during the manufacturing process. So ASG use a 3D scanner to make sure each part is manufactured within the strict tolerance required, and their quality department is involved at every step of the production process.