Window Blanks

Window blanks are a key component in the conversion of passenger vehicles into vehicles for commercial use. Via ASG we are able to supply both solid steel and steel mesh blanks for a comprehensive range of vehicles, while Ansini offer an equally extensive range of plastic window blanks.

Ansini blanks are made from tough ABS plastic and can be simply CNC cut from a flat sheet or vacuum formed then CNC finished. The ABS plastic used is available in a wide choice of colours, thicknesses and finishes, depending on customer requirements.

For those looking for added security, ASG have two types of metal blanks available, either solid steel or a steel mesh lattice precision welded to a steel tubular frame. Both types are laser-cut to the precise dimensions of a particular vehicle and are finished with a unique, ultra-tough nylon-powder coating applied using a fluidised-bed dipping process.

Customer-specific projects - Metal and Injection Moulded Plastic
Customer-specific projects - Vacuum Formed Plastic