Travall Protector

The Travall Protector is an increasingly popular car accessory for these cost-conscious times. That’s because many more consumers are now investing in a bumper protector, as opposed to having to pay for expensive resprays and retouches when this vulnerable area of their vehicle gets damaged. And those whose bumpers are already damaged are fitting a Travall Protector to hide the evidence. So, for a relatively small outlay, they could be saving hundreds of pounds by not having to repair scratches and scuffs.

The Travall range of off-the-shelf, vehicle-specific bumper protectors are available in stainless steel or high-impact ABS plastic, which is the same ultra-tough material used for safety headgear and white-water canoes. This offers outstanding protection from even the severest of everyday knocks and scrapes. The plastic version of the Travall Protector also comes in dark grey with attractive pinseal embossing. While some styles utilise existing bumper fixings, the majority are attached with pressure-sensitive 3M™ automotive tape. This is supplied along with a degreasing cloth and illustrated installation instructions.

Whichever version of the Travall Protector you choose, you’ll find it available for a wide range of vehicles. And with three distribution centres in the US, Germany and the UK, it’s also available for next day delivery. In addition to delivering direct to dealerships, retails and trade customers, Travall also offer a fast and efficient drop-shipping service direct to consumers.