Travall Mats

Another high-quality vehicle-specific accessory, Travall Mats are available for a wide range of passenger and commercial vehicles. Just like other Travall products, they are readily available from three distribution centres in the Germany, the UK and the United States. This means fast, next-day delivery to both consumers and trade customers.

Travall Mats have many advantages over competitor products. And not just the perfect fit that comes from being made for a specific application. Although lightweight, they are expertly moulded from a high-quality rubber compound which is tough and hard-wearing. It’s also a material which is resistant to cracking and fading, which can be a problem with inferior mats.

The vehicle-specific nature of Travall mats means that the majority come with fixings which align with existing anchor points. So, as they are fixed firmly in place, they will not cause a driving hazard by riding up under the foot pedals. Mats for the few models which do not have anchor points are supplied with strong rubber grips on the underside, which will also prevent any movement.

Travall Mats are available in both left-hand and right-hand drive versions. According to the design of a vehicle, they come in sets of two, three, four or five. All come with a stylish tyre-tread pattern a raised outer edge which will trap dirt and spills. So, if you’re looking for the widest choice of high-quality, vehicle-specific mats, plus fast, next-day delivery, look to Travall. And, when it comes to delivery, dealerships, retailers and trade customers can also take advantage of a drop-shipping service direct to their customers.