Rubber Floor Mats

Reflecting a growing trend for lightweight materials, our rubber floor mats are expertly moulded using a high-quality rubber compound (SBR/PE 60 Sha) – an advanced material which is highly resistant to cracking and fading. However, this reduction in weight has in no way compromised their proven resilience and durability. They can significantly reduce everyday wear and tear, and they are more than tough enough to deal with the worst of winter road salt, snow and mud.

Perfect fit

All our mats are designed and manufactured for a specific make and model of vehicle. This means they will fit perfectly, without the need for cutting, which is often a feature of cheaper, universal-style mats. As they are vehicle-specific, we are able to provide bespoke fixings which align with the existing anchor points. The few applications for vehicles without anchor points come with strong rubber grips on the underside to prevent any movement. So they will stay firmly in place, with no chance of them undermining safety by moving under the foot pedals.

For passenger and commercial vehicles

We have rubber floor mats for passenger and commercial vehicles, in both left-hand and right-hand drive versions. According to the size and shape of a vehicle, they come in sets of two, three, four or five.

They all have a raised outer edge to safely trap dirt and spills, and a stylish tyre-tread pattern. All mats comply with relevant EU standards.

Our extensive range of vehicle-specific rubber floor mats is available through Travall - in stock and ready for next-day delivery. In addition to Travall-branded rubber car mats, we can also provide mats on an OE basis for motor manufacturers, retailers and dealerships. As our mats are made using the latest manufacturing technology, the production process is fast; meaning a short lead time for the introduction of any new products.

Customer-specific projects
Vehicle-specific products in stock for next-day delivery