Rubber Boot Mat Liners

In selecting a material that’s tough enough to protect one of the most vulnerable areas of any vehicle, we have chosen a hardwearing styrene-butadiene rubber compound for our boot mat liners. This compound is tough yet flexible and, as well as providing outstanding protection against everyday wear and tear, it has many advantages over liners made from plastic or natural rubber. It is far better at absorbing vibrations, will reduce road noise when a vehicle is being driven without a parcel shelf and, in warmer weather, will not give off an unpleasant rubber smell.


Our boot liners incorporate a raised outer lip, running at a height of 1 cm along all edges, to safely contain any dirt and spills; a feature that is particularly useful in wet weather.

They are also fully compatible with our load separators and dividers and, just like these world-leading products, they have been designed and expertly manufactured using the precise measurements of a specific make and model of car.

As well as providing the very best of fits, this means that the placement of lashing loops and fixing points has been taken into consideration, allowing them to be used when the liner is in place. Other features include an anti-slip surface pattern and infusion with a long-lasting vanilla scent. And while designed to protect against accidental damage, these heavy-duty boot mat liners will also cover up any existing signs of wear.

Travall Liner

Vehicle-specific rubber boot mats are available via Travall; marketed and sold as the Travall Liner. There are mats for hundreds of different models and all are in-stock and ready for next-day delivery.

Travall-branded mats are also available for vehicle importers, distributors, retailers and dealerships. Just like other Travall products, they are readily available from three distribution centres in the Germany, the UK and the United States. This means fast, next-day delivery to both consumers and trade customers.

Customer-specific projects
Vehicle-specific products in stock for next-day delivery