Load Separators

ASG is the world’s leading manufacturer of vehicle-specific load space separators, often referred to as dog guards. As well as directly supplying motor manufacturers, we also have an extensive range of Travall-branded guards, all of which are in stock and ready for next day delivery to distributors and retail customers. Travall’s current listing includes products for over 900 different models. A number which, as new cars come on to the market, is increasing all the time.


Although popular with dog owners, these separators are designed primarily to act as a barrier between a vehicle’s cargo and seating areas - preventing impact damage to occupants caused by the incursion of unsecured items. The increasing use of rear-facing child seats also means our guards should be a major consideration when it comes travelling safely with children in a vehicle.

The core design of our load separators is registered, and has been successfully tested by MIRA in the UK under ECE-R17 Crash Testing Regulations.


Our upper and full-height load separators are made from tubular steel (to British Standard BS6323-5:1982) using precision laser-cutting and CNC bending. An oval profile has been chosen for this tubing, both for aesthetic reasons and the fact that it is stronger than the more-common round tubing. This profile also allows us to centre-weld the mesh onto the guard, thus keeping the exterior smooth and avoiding scratches to both pets and luggage.Significant investment in CNC tube bending equipment allows ASG to create large-format curvatures, so that the top of the load separator can accurately mirror the curve of a specific vehicle’s headlining; producing a much neater look and integrating far better with the interior styling. All our load separators are and finished with a nylon-powder coating, applied using a fluidised bed dipping process. This highly scratch-resistant finish is unique to the ASG Group and is far tougher than that found on competitor products.

Installation and Shipping

Typical initial installation time is between five and ten minutes, with subsequent removal and reinstallation taking considerably less time. The use of a patented removable bracket on our separators allows for a significant reduction in shipping volume and, therefore, costs. On an average pallet we are able to fit 40- 50% more guards than competitor designs.

Customer-specific projects
Vehicle-specific products in stock for next-day delivery