Load Floors

ASG has developed and manufactured a number of fixed and sliding load floors for passenger and commercial vehicles. Fixed load floors are used primarily in commercial vehicle conversion to provide added strength and increase load capacity. Although entirely flexible when it comes to client requirements, the majority of fixed load floor projects undertaken by ASG comprise a steel substructure which replaces a vehicle’s rear seats, onto which any number of coverings can be placed. Along with the installation of window blanks, this enlarged load floor is required to make any converted commercial vehicle fully VAT exempt.

Sliding load floors are a safe and convenient way to load and unload bulky and heavy cargo in both commercial and passenger vehicles. A sturdy extendable platform, they make it easy to organise loads by brining everything within easy reach, without the need to climb into the back of a large vehicle.

ASG are able to provide fixed and extendable load floors in any number of different materials, for a wide range of vehicles, from utility to luxury. Sliding load floors can also be motorised to make the job of loading and unloading even easier.

Bentley Bentayga

Sliding Load Floor

As well as a deployable side step for the Bentley Bentayga, the luxury car manufacturer asked ASG to develop a deployable load floor for their very first SUV. Built to Bentley’s extremely high standards and expectations, it comprises a strong frame in anodised aluminium extrusion, sitting on runners containing high quality roller bearings. It has an integrated brake and locking mechanism, and when extended is capable of taking evenly distributed weights up to 250kg.

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