Fire Extinguishers and Brackets

Due to increasingly stringent regulations relating to fire extinguishers in certain automotive markets around the world, many motor manufacturers have felt the need to introduce a more ‘official’ fire extinguisher option for their vehicles. However, when one of the leading manufacturers of extinguisher bottles recently experienced supply issues with their popular 1kg unit, this meant some companies were finding it hard to fulfil their extinguisher programmes.

For many years, ASG has been providing first-tier suppliers with the metalwork for their fire extinguisher kits, while also working alongside a supplier’s OEM in the design phase. So they seemed the natural choice when it came to supplying an alternative new version of the now unavailable 1kg fire extinguisher. One which had to meet the strict safety and quality requirements of the OEM.

ASG was able to source a suitable product and a supply contract was put in place, and they now supply fire extinguisher kits for many models and across multiple platforms. Brackets and fixing kits are also supplied to other first-tier organisations. These are currently produced from press-formed steel, which is then powder coat painted. For the next generation of fire extinguisher brackets, ASG are looking to produce ones made from engineering polymers, possibly with interior trim-grade injection-moulded covers. This is well within the scope of their capability, and they are able to utilise many other materials and manufacturing techniques to meet client needs in this particular sector.

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