Designed exclusively for use with our load separators, our vehicle-specific dividers allow users to make the best use of the available space in the rear of a car. They are available to motor manufacturers on an OE basis from ASG, or via Travall as the Travall Divider - in-stock and ready for next-day delivery to distributors and retail customers.


Our dividers are made from tubular steel (to British Standard BS6323-5:1982) using precision laser-cutting and CNC bending. An oval profile has been chosen for this tubing, both for aesthetic reasons and the fact that it is stronger than the more-common round tubing. This profile also allows us to centre-weld the mesh onto the divider, thus keeping the exterior smooth and avoiding scratches to both pets and luggage. All our dividers are finished with a nylon-powder coating, applied using a fluidised bed dipping process. This highly scratch-resistant finish is unique to the ASG Group and is far tougher than that found on competitor products.


Just like our load separators, our dividers are designed and manufactured using the exact specifications of a particular make and model. As they are vehicle-specific, they’re incredibly easy to install; fitting onto the load separator in a minute or so. And, if not required on a trip, they are just as simple to remove. Installation can be completed without tools and with no unsightly interior modification. The latest versions of our dividers can also be placed in two or three different positions, depending on the vehicle for which they have been designed.

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Vehicle-specific products in stock for next-day delivery