Cargo Barriers

Cargo barriers are an essential element in the conversion of passenger vehicle to commercial use, providing as they do vital protection for occupants from any unsecured cargo in the rear which, in the event of a frontal collision, would travel forwards at considerable speed.

Commercial conversion is an increasingly common trend, and there are an increasing number of vehicles which can be converted, from SUVs and estate cars to people carriers. ASG have extensive experience in the conversion of all these vehicles, working both with OEMs and conversion companies in the UK and Europe.

Whatever the vehicle, the needs are the same – a custom-fit load separator or cargo barrier that is both strong and durable enough to provide the necessary level of protection for drivers and passengers.

To ensure this, ASG use a high-strength steel tubular frame to which (depending on customer requirements) is attached either a full steel panel, a full mesh panel or a lower steel panel with a mesh upper half. Barriers with either of the two mesh options will allow for greater visibility, while solid metal barriers are sometimes the preferred option for vehicles already fitted with blanked-out rear windows. This is because they add an extra element of privacy - essential if high-value items are left in an unattended vehicle.

If required, ASG are able to perform crash simulations on the cargo barriers they make, using either their in-house test equipment or third-party test houses facilities, such as MIRA.

Customer-specific projects