Boot Tidy Systems

The vehicle-specific Boot Tidy System was developed for OEMs to help maximise the load space in the rear of modern vehicles. This tough storage unit comes with adjustable dividers and is ideal for carrying small to medium-size items that would otherwise roll around the boot floor. Being completely waterproof, it is an ideal accessory for those who enjoy spending time outdoors and need somewhere to store gear such as wet clothing and muddy hiking boots.


The lid of the Boot Tidy has a catch which holds it open while being loaded and, with security in mind, it is fitted with a robust lock, so that items of value can be safely stored out of sight. As an added security feature, the Tidy is attached to the boot floor from the inside, so cannot be removed when the lid is locked.

When not required on a journey, or access is needed to the underfloor area, it can be removed completely in just minutes. Current models of the Boot Tidy are attached using a vehicle’s rear lashing loops, but different methods of attachment can be incorporated if required.


Two versions of the Boot Tidy are currently in production, one in vacuum-formed plastic and another in aluminium, with plastic injection mouldings.

However, we can construct versions in any number of materials. As the upper surface of the Tidy has recessed areas, it is also possible to incorporate different coverings into the design if required. These can include finishes such as carpeting to match a vehicle’s interior or wood laminate to give an upmarket feel to the load space.

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