Ansini is a market-leading specialist in thermoplastic vacuum forming. Established in 1992 experience, they have established a reputation for high quality and versatility, with particular expertise in the automotive and aerospace sectors, as well as in general industrial thermoforming.

From single moulded parts and trimmed components to complex kits, the scope of Ansini’s operational capability is broad. With expertise in all aspects of plastics production - from concept and tooling design to manufacture and product testing and assembly – they offer customers total control over cost, timings and quality.

Ansini are also able to fully assemble kits and expertly finish parts using a range of specialist techniques, which have been developed and refined over many years. But they don’t stop at the product finishing stage, as they can then package parts and assemblies - whether that’s in cold seal blister packaging, clam packs, shelf-ready packaging or any other form of plastic closure. Ansini also has logistical knowhow and can range for packages and kits to be dispatched around the world.

Taking all customer requirements into consideration, Ansini work closely with their clients to bring about significant improvements in both cost and quality. As their core areas of activity are in automotive and aerospace, they apply the strict quality standards inherent within these industries across their entire business. That doesn’t just mean ISO certification, but adherence to the whole concept of lean manufacturing. This means that clients get the highest quality at the most competitive rates, without any compromise.

The full service offering from Ansini includes: product design and development; vacuum forming and thermoplastic moulding; tooling design and manufacture; CNC 5-axis routing; ultrasonic welding; leather and fabric trimming; finishing and assembly; consumer packaging; worldwide logistics and delivery.

Ansini has completed key projects in the following sectors: automotive, aerospace, agricultural, architectural, industrial, leisure, marine, medical.

Sectors and Capabilities