ASG Group and the Environment

Like any socially responsible modern business, we fully recognise the part we can play in reducing the impact we have on the environment around us. With this in mind, we have introduced many new initiatives in our manufacturing sites and offices, designed to educate our teams, cut waste and reduce our use of energy and raw materials.

We have already made significant headway in a number of areas, including a marked decrease in general waste and our use of both electricity and paper. However, we also recognise that, despite all we’ve achieved, there’s still a way to go. Which is why we are committed to the ongoing success and further development of our environmental policies and practice.

Current and future initiatives include:

  • The removal of fugitive emissions
  • Reducing A4 paper usage by 50% by 2018
  • An employee car share scheme
  • Regular environmental checks as part of natural QA auditing
  • An increase in more-efficient night time manufacturing
  • The replacement of all sodium lights with LED lights
  • A 5% reduction in electricity usage (relative to production output)
  • Further investigation into the viability of solar energy.
  • All new products to be designed with efficient manufacturing in mind